Double Cleansing - Your first step to a radiant and glowing skin !


Double Cleansing and why is it so important ?

  First things first, we all love that squeaky clean feeling after we have finished cleaning our face. We might feel like that but what really is going on is while we feel we have done our job, running with a cotton pad over the skin will just show us how much dirt we still have left to get rid of and therefore the reason of many breakouts following that.
  Simply put, oil and water don’t mix and you need both to gently and thoroughly draw out and remove both the oil and water-based impurities that build up naturally on your face throughout the day.The oil cleanse helps to breakdown makeup, sunscreen and other debris, while the water-based cleanser foams deep down and whisks away any remaining dirt and pore-clogging residue.
  Now I know, the idea of washing your face twice seems a little... let's say too much time consuming and oh well " I don't have time for that now". But let's see the clear picture - we all want our skin to feel best so we can feel confident in it. So let's work on that because that is exactly my goal, and achieve this radiant glow we all want, because let's be honest - skincare is supposed to be fun, like a home spa treatment just for us few minutes a day !

   Let me introduce you to my all time oil cleanser favourite cleansing balm by Banila Co, which uses gentle fruit extracts to cleanse your face.Use spatula to scoop a small amount and massage balm over dry skin, concentrating on eye and lip makeup.Add a splash of lukewarm water to emulsify into a milky texture.Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  And there is my favorite go to water-based cleanser Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser by Klairs. It's great for sensitive skin too, thanks to hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf extract that nourish and calm skin. And If you have acne prone skin this will be your best friend as well as it contains  tea tree leaf oil that helps in calming down redness and healing any breakouts you might have.


Let's glow,