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The inspiration and motivation behind SKIN.IS comes from a personal place.Struggling to find the right routine and skincare for my skin type left me with dry face, a lot of breakouts and uneven skin tone. I discovered the famous K-beauty products some time ago and finally managed to give my skin that glow and moisture it so desperately needed. Now we all know how a problem skin can affect your confidence, not to talk about all the exterior factors that come our way and my mission with is to show you how pleasant skincare can be and how you can treat your skin the best way it deserves. The skincare routine for me is already like a ritual, the time of the day where I treat myself right, enjoy incredibly good and natural products and give my skin all the goods it needs. Inspired by K-beauty products, achieving glowing and radiant skin is already possible and I am so excited to share those amazing products.

I want to dedicate SKIN.IS to everyone that feels "not good enough" or "not beautiful enough". I am here to tell you that YOU are beautiful, you are enough and no matter where you come from, old or young,male or female,skinny or not skinny - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, more than you will ever know ! I want you to stop looking at society's narrow vision of beauty and truly love who you see in the mirror, who you see within yourself and just embrace that beautiful YOU ! Be real, be you, be your favorite kind of person and remember you are one of a kind. Celebrate your differences and help other people change so they can see different kinds of beauty.
Let's make the world shine together and let's give each other a little more kindness and love everyday !

Let's glow together!